About Us

We wish to bring many good things to life.

Welcome to our website. In 1996 we came together and formed our community, Families for Christ. The community is built on a charismatic spirituality and over the years we have learnt that life makes more sense if walked together with others. It is also our present experience that having a relationship with God the Father through Jesus is essential for a happy and fulfilling marriage and family life. God has a plan for each and every marriage and He walks with those who trust and turn to him. He helps us in our struggles and difficulties throughout our married life. We do not have to walk alone on the path of life and therefore we welcome everyone who desires to walk with us on this journey and invite you to come and experience fellowship with us.

Our desire is to make known what Christ did in our lives and to present this experience to others. We desire to give Him the central place in our individual lives as well as in our families and to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us.

Come and visit us by attending one of our meetings. We look forward to meeting you and if you have children, bring them along with you!

Our Vision and Mission

We are a Christ centred and family-orientated Christian community.

Our vision is to know Christ and to make him known to others.

Our mission is to be a sign of hope and an instrument of reconciliation, peace and healing.