Marriage Investment Weekend

The name developed from the concept of how much effort we make to invest in our lives and our future. We invest in our work and profession, in our house, education, recreation etc. Perhaps our biggest investment goes into our marriage. When we start off we hope that our marriage will last forever, and therefore we put all our efforts into it. But as we settle down with jobs, children’s activities and studies etc. we run the risk of being driven into a routine and risk neglecting our relationship or even worst taking each other for granted. We feel that setting time apart and investing it in our relationship is vital for any relationship and is a wise investment.

The Marriage Investment Weekend is generally held in a hotel where an atmosphere gives us an opportunity to relax and break from our normal routine. It helps the couple to focus on their relationship and dedicate time for each other. The sessions help to identify those key areas that we may need to improve and communicate about and to take steps necessary to move forward.

Although we encourage participants to reside at the hotel, we also accept day trippers who wish to attend.