Hope for Marriage Ministry

We coined up this term because we strongly believe that there is hope for all marriages, even for those who struggle to make their relationship work. It has been our experience to see marriages come alive when the couple find God and one another. We have learnt that our differences in our personal character can actually work in our favour instead of creating tension and run the risk of breaking us and our family. We can learn to recognise and to speak each other’s love language and to work together so that our differences work for us not against us!

We reach out with various activities which include weekend conferences, day seminars as well as through one to one sessions if the couple desires such a meeting.

The objective of this ministry is to create an opportunity to talk about things that matter for us as a couple, such as communication and obstacles to communicating well; sexuality; how to shift from ‘I’ to ‘us’ mentality and learning to speak each other’s love language. We offer suggestions and ideas on practical ways that can help to improve our marriages and to help us identify key areas to work on and to avoid pitfalls that can serve as a detriment to our relationship. What we share has been tested and proven to work with a little effort and time investment from the couple. Several couples who have gone through one of our programmes have similar testimonies to share.