Our Activities

There are many ways how you can connect with us.

Please see below for different meetings and events that you’re welcome to attend.


Our Friday gatherings are open meetings where everyone is welcome, married or single! Although we are a group dedicated to family life, singles and youths are most welcome to participate.


FFC teens are the youth group forming part of the Families for Christ community.


The meetings follow different patterns: Bible study, worship time, intercessory prayer, life-growth sharing, discernment, activating the charismatic gifts and more. The basic idea starts with learning from Jesus, step by step.
Discipleship grows in small groups. This is the aim of our Mustard Seed Faith Groups which seeks the Christian maturity of its members through sharing, Bible teaching, shepherding and fellowship.


We coined up this term because we strongly believe that there is hope for all marriages, even for those who struggle to make their relationship work. It has been our experience to see marriages come alive when the couple find God and one another.


Just as children are important to God, they are important to us at the Families for Christ community. Raising Godly children is a core value of our community life. Our aim is to support parents in bringing up their children in Christ.


We proclaim the Gospel and Praise clearly and simply across Malta & Gozo


At Families for Christ we believe that Jesus is alive and He heals today. We have people dedicated who will be delighted to pray with anyone asking for prayers.  Please contact us for an appointment.


We create a space for couples who wish to have someone to listen to them and to hear them out. We do not give advice but we can offer support to find a way forward together. For more information and appointment please contact us.


Welcome to our website. In 1996 we came together and formed our community, Families for Christ. The community is built on a charismatic spirituality and over the years we have learnt that life makes more sense if walked together with others. It is also our present experience that having a relationship with God the Father through Jesus is essential for a happy and fulfilling marriage and family life. God has a plan for each and every marriage and He walks with those who trust and turn to him. He helps us in our struggles and difficulties throughout our married life. We do not have to walk alone on the path of life and therefore we welcome everyone who desires to walk with us on this journey and invite you to come and experience fellowship with us.

There are no upcoming events at this time.