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Module 1 | Session 4 – Repentance and Faith – New Message Alert: An Invitation Awaits Your Reply

Ċentru għall-Familji 28 Triq Idmedja, Balzan

In the face of opposition and indifference to God's plan, we have a choice to make. Option one leads to alienation from God, a life of suffering under the influence of darkness. Option two invites us to the Kingdom of God, offering freedom from sin's bondage, peace, and joy. This transformation is possible through God's gift, His Son Jesus Christ. Accepting this gift, as explained in Romans 10:9, brings salvation and a new way of life on earth, living according to God's plan, and experiencing His love and presence. The invitation is yours to answer!

Module 1 | Session 3 – Unlocking Clarity – Embrace God’s View for Insight

Ċentru għall-Familji 28 Triq Idmedja, Balzan

Speaker: Gordon Fitz. To grasp the world's complexities, we must embrace God's perspective. The Bible reveals the presence of evil, often attributed to Satan's influence. It highlights the distinction between belonging to God and the dominion of Satan in the world while underscoring our accountability for our actions. When we disconnect our efforts from God, they prove futile, as the Bible asserts, 'Apart from me, you can do nothing.' Recognizing God's love and His personal interest in our lives, we find that He is neither indifferent nor distant. Instead, He actively guides us and ensures we're not alone in navigating life's intricacies.

Module 1 | Session 2 – Searching for Answers in a Shifting World

Ċentru għall-Familji 28 Triq Idmedja, Balzan

In a rapidly changing world, our pursuit of lasting solutions often falls short. Whether it's the complexities of the Middle East conflict, the unintended consequences of medical technology like ultrasound, or the growing disparities in wealth and mental health, our efforts can sometimes complicate rather than resolve. We also explore new ideologies and religions, like the New Age movement or Marxism, in search of answers, only to encounter fresh challenges. In this ever-changing world, as our efforts continue to yield incomplete solutions, it's evident that there must be something more to the equation. We must cast our gaze beyond ourselves to discover the answers we seek.